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We strive to be and with each and every consignor. Our list of nominal fees is as follows:

  1. Merchandise at our auction site - 20% of your total sales!
  2. Estate Sales - up to 15%!
  3. Storage Units - up to 20% (due to advertising costs)!

For your convenience, we have several payment options for you to choose from:

  1. Check - which is mailed on the first Monday after the auction!
  2. "End Of Auction" Cash - if your sales (less the fee) total $50 or less!
  3. "End of Auction" Check - if your sales (less the fee) total $51 or more!

Every auction is video/audio taped for the protection of both the consignor and the consignee!

We use Auction Clerking software by One Ten vac Systems in an effort to ensure sales accuracy!

We will NEVER knowingly or purposely run bids or take your bid twice! We strive to represent honesty and integrity at each auction! We value the patronage of EVERY consignor and consignee!